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Endocrinologists Warn of Grave Dangers, Sterility Caused by Puberty Blockers and Hormones for Child and Adolescent Gender Dysphoria

Rocklin, CA, Jan 14, 2019. A group of endocrinologists, who specialize in gland and hormone disorders, sent a letter to the editor of the Endocrine Society's journal, JCEM, warning of the serious dangers of puberty blocking medications and cross sex hormones in the treatment of child and adolescent gender dysphoria. "Children and adolescents with questions about their gender are increasingly being given life-altering, irreversible hormones and surgery which can lead to increased risk of death from cardivoascualar disease, life threatening blood clots, permanent sterility, and sexual dysfunction, among other problems," they relate. The authors are particularly concerned with the increasing numbers of young females, many with autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders, suddenly developing this condition through a form of social contagion.

There is no reliable way to diagnose the "true trans" child or adolescent, and "many children and adolescents are being harmed by misdiagnosis." The current standard of care is watchful waiting with psychological support. Medical trans-affirmation with hormones and surgery shows no evidence of reducing suicides. The authors wish to open a dialogue about the real medical and scientific consequences of hormonal therapy. They state in their letter which is soon to be published in printed form, "physicians need to start examining [this therapy] through the objective eye of the scientist-clinician rather than the ideological lens of the social activist. Far more children with gender dysphoria will ultimately be helped by this approach."

Link to JCEM article: Letter to the Editor: “Endocrine Treatment of Gender-Dysphoric/Gender-Incongruent Persons: An Endocrine Society* Clinical Practice Guideline”

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